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Our team


The team of the Restaurant, headed by Chef Jacint Varga, throughout the existence of the establishment, works every day to satisfy the most fastidious gastronomic wishes of our Guests and exceed their expectations. Fifteen-year experience of work in the sphere of hospitality, unwavering pursuit of culinary excellence, continuous training and constant professional development of the staff show that the Restaurant Old CONTINENT has made a significant contribution to the creation of the perfect image of the establishment.

“Culinary is a language, by which you can convey harmony, happiness, beauty, complexity, poetry, magic, humour, provocation, culture - in general, everything that makes our life…”
“How to cook meal to preserve the original taste and benefits of ingredients? The answer is simple - the balance of spices, the maximum of organic products and the original cooking technology. Personally for me, this is a culinary peak - only original, only natural.”
“The best service is a personalized service that remains in a guest’s memory as a thin thread of pleasant memories yet for a long time after visiting the Restaurant ...”
“You may not have found your own ideal drink ... Yet the search is half the fun!”